...your exclusive source of pure and natural beauty care!

We are a family business, located in Fort Collins, CO, that creates all natural, organic hair and body care products. We have been in business since 2007.

We guarantee high quality!

 Our ingredients are wild gathered or organically grown and we appreciate the renewable resources our earth is giving us.

Whenever possible, the oils we add are cold pressed, unrefined, and organic. We use only raw butters - simply, we create our recipes with only ingredients that are kept in their most natural, authentic way, so nothing harmful gets into your blood stream!

We care about human beings, animals, plants...just simply about our environment and our community.

Our products do not contain any petrochemicals like aggressive detergents or petroleum based preservatives that could harm you and our environment!

We are crafters and our products are handmade, in small batches - and get to you always fresh!

Nor do we put synthetic fragrances, colors, emulsifiers, thickeners or alcohols in our products.

Our wonderful products are filled in recycled glass jars, recycled paper bags, and recyclable plastic bottles, we offer refill - instead of landfill!

In the office, we only use recycled papers. We reuse packaging material for all our mail orders.

You can feel and enjoy our products' natural origin!

Queen of the Meadow is a member of BE LOCAL Northern Colorado and Green America.

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